Our champagne

The Tradition is to share. It was my grandmother who started to hand down her passion to me. This vintage is a
thank you and a tribute to my ancestors.

The classic of the house.
75% Meunier, 25% Chardonnay (including 25% reserve wine).
Harmony, authenticity, roundness.

Bacchus 2021 : 84.4 Pts

Andreas Larsson 2021 : 86 Pts

Vinalies Internationales 2021 : 81 Pts

CWSA 2021 : Gold

Médaille d'or

It is the expression of my passion for the land where I was born. A vintage that provides pleasure with its red with a thousand colors. This harmonious Champagne with 3 grape varieties marked by the character of Pinot Noir.

65% Meunier, 20% Chardonnay and 5% Pinot Noir (25% reserve wine).

Finesse, fruity, length.

Bacchus 2021 : 85.8 Pts

Andreas Larsson 2021 : 90 Pts

Vinalies Internationales 2021 : 80 Pts

Resulting from our union, this prestigious vintage represents the French art of living. A style marked by its
maturity. Its particularity is the riddling on desk and disgorging by hand.
50% Meunier and 50% Chardonnay (25% reserve wine).
Nuanced, character, deep..

Bacchus 2021 : 83.4 Pts
Andreas Larsson: 87/100

Médaille d'or

Mont-Aulin 2016: Unique
This 2016 vintage was created to show case the origine of our terroir : the Meunier, the main grape variety in this
valley du Flagot and Mont-Aulin is the name of this single vineyard.

100% Meunier
Vivacity, minerality, flavors.

Bacchus 2020: Gold Medal

Vinalies Internationales 2021: 84 Pts Argent

Decanter 2021 : 89Pts Silver

Originale 2018 : Unique

The Chardonnay is not usual grape variety  in our valley. For The expression of  a single plot. Vintage 2018.

100% Chardonnay.
Minerality, Roundess, Freshness.

New cuvee


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